Andrea René Williams has been advising artists since her days at the GRAMMY Awards. Regularly approached by artists and Gospel music professionals, she has been consulting for years, providing godly wisdom and advice, backed by expertise and education. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business from the renowned Berklee College of Music (as a summa cum laude graduate), her 8-year management history with the GRAMMY Awards and her book, Live The Life You Sing About: How To Live With Integrity In The Gospel & Christian Music Industry, give her much to share with veteran and up-and-coming music ministers. In addition, her decades of experience as a Christian, a singer, a pianist, a songwriter, a choir member, a Gospel music industry insider and an entrepreneur have been invaluable to many in music ministry. A prophet as well, she is known to consult with God’s heart and direction in mind.

Andrea's consulting services were specifically designed to help the Lord’s singers and musicians reach their musical goals while making an impact for the Kingdom of God. Imparting practical, musical and spiritual wisdom, Andrea René Williams Music Ministries offers the following services:

One-on-One Coaching
Music Ministry Assessment
Strategic Planning (including Music Ministry Plans, Music Business Plans & Marketing Plans)
Training for Artists, Ensembles, Groups, Music Staff, Choirs & Praise Teams
Artist Development
Seminars & Workshops
Speaking Engagements

Also, Andrea René Williams Music Ministries assists Gospel and Christian recording artists with imaging, branding and reputation management. To find out more about our paid consulting services, contact her by clicking here.